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Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency

Sure Consult is incorporated with the intent to provide the leadership in Restructuring and Insolvency through its partners. From the inception of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy code 2016, the country has witnessed the evolution of law from previous Sick Industrial Companies Act 1985.  

Sure Consult presently has a well balanced team in the area of Insolvency and Restructuring. The team has been involved in various complex corporate restructuring and litigation. Sure Consult scope is not limited to only formal restructuring process but also provide support in negotiation and bilateral restructuring.

Sure Consult has a well-rounded sizeable practice of both litigation support and non-litigation work in the area of Insolvency and Restructuring. We have advised our clients on Individual and corporate bankruptcy, cross border insolvencies and group insolvencies etc. It is not only the formal restructuring process but also negotiated and bilateral restructuring on which our team has a specialization.

Sure Consult support our clients in formulating a detailed and comprehensive strategies to address a wide range of issues that are faced by underperforming or distressed companies in the private and public sector. Our support and advice has helped maximize results for our  clients.

Sure Consult’s highly qualified, innovative and experienced team includes lawyers, chartered accountants, Company Secretaries has a specialized knowledge and experience in insolvency resolution and the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code 2016.

At Sure Consult we focus on maximize recovery, protect business or investment, preserve critical relationships and minimize write-offs. But sometimes client’s distressed situation could not be resolved, then the team further work to formulate strategies that can guide the clients through the process of insolvency resolution.

In addition to it team works closely with specialists in related practice areas including finance, corporate, real estate, employment, pension, tax, environment, regulatory, capital markets and litigation.